About Us

Formasio was created by immigration attorneys to help people help themselves. We recognize that for many, the high cost of legal representation puts attorneys out of reach. They are forced to go it alone. Formasio is here to help.

When filing forms with immigration authorities, even small mistakes can cause immigration authorities to return petitions or applications, causing long delays in what is already a lengthy process. For those who have decided to file immigration forms on their own, Formasio offers an array of affordable products that may make all the difference, such as non-attorney spell checking and document review.

However, Formasio also recognizes that immigration attorneys provide great value. It is our firm belief that if you are able to afford an attorney, you should hire one, regardless of how simple or complicated your case may be.

The fact is that immigration attorneys can spot issues and asses your options in a way that you or Formasio cannot. They provide valuable advice that will help you make informed decisions about your case. Filing documents with immigration authorities that are incorrectly filled out can harm your future in the United States. For this reason, Formasio strives to connect its users with affordable, responsive, competent immigration attorneys to help you. We do that by negotiating attorney consultation fees. With Formasio, you have the power to decide what option is best for your particular situation.

Immigration is complicated, but that shouldn’t stand in your way. If you are entitled to an immigration benefit, you should apply for that benefit. Formasio is here to help.